In celebration of Women's History Month (March 2021)

WVU Art in the Libraries presents an online exhibition of some notable women in West Virginia's history. Many of the photographs and information are courtesy of the West Virginia & Regional History Center.

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About the exhibit

This series of portraits of twenty notable West Virginia Women was originally on display in IN.EXclusive: An exhibit and event series dedicated to West Virginia Women, at Arts Monongahela in 2017. (Click "Start Exhbit" in the menu to begin)

Read more about the women and take the West Virginia Women's History Heritage Trail tour on The trail includes two dozen historical sites related to women's history throughout West Virginia. The trail was built as an educational resource and its creators selected these two dozen sites from many nominations and hope to create additional trails that reflect the history of the state.

Made by Agustin Urioste (Interactive Design sophomore)